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Deanery Response

The ‘Looking to the Future’ consultation is an attempt to involve every parish community in assessing the needs and priorities of its local area

5 September 2023

Southern Deanery Council Meeting

The Deanery Council meeting is a place where everyone is welcome to join the discussion and share their insights and ideas. Our initiative on evangelisation is at the forefront of our approach and strategic planning process, and we are committed to inviting everyone to join us in this mission.


The discussion points from our meeting and the related minutes are now available.

17 August 2023

Pastoral Area Meeting

Agenda focused on “Thinking as Pastoral Area”

Discussing opportunities for evangelisation in schools, encouraging inclusion, young adults, and existing parishioners.  The minutes are available to view below:

June 2023

Deanery Response Documents

It is hoped that by the end of the summer a Provisional List of Pastoral Areas is agreed for each deanery and that deaneries are therefore ready for the next part of the discussion, which will look at closer collaboration between parishes and opportunities for evangelisation.


The response documents are available to view below

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