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Safeguarding Statement to Parish 2021

The Bishops’ Conference has stated that ‘the Catholic Church in Scotland is concerned with the lives, safety, wholeness and well being of each individual person within God’s purpose for everyone. It seeks to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisations. As a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us, ordained, professed, paid and voluntary members to work together to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of children, young people and vulnerable adults’.

Pope Francis has asked that our families are made aware that they have every right to expect that they are safe and secure in ‘Our Father’s House’.  

As part of our commitment to Safeguarding, it is vitally important that we remember those who have been harmed or abused either by a member of the Church, members of their family or any other person. It is asked of us that we pray and care about them. In 2019, the Bishops of Scotland established an annual Day of Prayer for those who have suffered abuse and individuals and communities who are affected by abuse.  This Day of Prayer is to be marked each year on the Friday following Ash Wednesday. This year the Day of Prayer falls on the 19th of February. This day allows the Church to renew its apology to anyone who has suffered and to stress its commitment to the essential work of safeguarding across our parish communities. In the parish of St Conval’s and St James the Great we will be marking this day of prayer on Friday 19th February.

The Archdiocese of Glasgow is fully committed to Safeguarding as an integral part of life in the Church. Both the Archdiocese and our parishes of St Conval’s and St James the Great embrace the special responsibility we have for all children, young people and vulnerable adults who are part of our faith community. In our church and website there is a poster/information which highlights our Safeguarding manual and has contact details for the parish, the parish coordinator(s) and the Diocesan Safeguarding Team.  Please make contact with them or the Parish Priest if you have any concerns regarding the abuse or harm of any child, young person or vulnerable adult.

Safeguarding in our parish is with us in all aspects of our living faith.  Each year, as Parish Priest, Parish Safeguarding Coordinators and volunteers, we commit ourselves to these principles and to renewing and improving our practice.  We adhere to the protocols and procedures laid out by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland in the document In God’s Image. These procedures, and the vigilance of those involved in the life of the parish, helps us to ensure that everyone should feel safe when they come to Mass, services, groups or social events. 

All of us involved in Safeguarding within the Archdiocese are grateful for all the hard work done by all our Parish Priests, Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinators and our parish volunteers.


Please use the online booking system at Eventbrite and please do not just turn up unregistered. To receive links to register on Eventbrite and to receive parish updates please text your name to 07308034694.

When booking it is important to remember that the location of the Mass is determined by the times as given.



Churches closed until further notice.

Privacy notice: This parish has a lawful basis to process your information. Contacting people who might have been exposed to coronavirus is an important step in stopping the spread.  Your information will be destroyed in line with Eventbrite’s database retention period on an ongoing basis after the attendance at the mass requested. Your data will only be used for the attendance at mass and if requested by NHS Scotland for contact tracing purposes.  You have the right to have your data erased or corrected.

The full Archdiocese of Glasgow privacy notice is available at: http://www.rcag.org.uk/index.php/the-archdiocese/diocesan-curia/privacy-notice

If you would like to receive updates and in order to improve communication please text your name to 07308034694

Please remember that Masses are limited to 20 people.

Please note the below:

Please remember that you need to wear a mask.

Two meter distancing has to be observed at all times.

Assistance will be available to ensure that you use the hand sanitisers on entering and leaving.

Stewards will also be available to show you to your seat.

Please be aware that due to restrictions you will not be able to sit in your normal seat.

Be aware that there will be no toilet facilities

Enter and exit by different doors which will be signposted.

Holy water fonts will be empty.

Entry is not allowed into the sacristy, which is the norm anyway.


Parish Clergy

Fr. Martin Kane                   Deacon Michael O'Donnell              Fr Binu (Syro-Malabar Rite)

Mass Times

Mon: 10.00am Mass at St. Conval’s.

Holy Hour in the Sisters’ house from 3.00pm.

Tue: 10.00am Mass at St. James the Great. 

Holy Hour at St. Conval’s from 6.00pm.

Wed: 10.00am Mass at St. Conval’s.

Fri: 10.00am Mass at St. James the Great.

Saturday Vigil Mass: 3pm St James

Saturday: 5.00pm Vigil Mass at St. Conval’s.

Sunday: 10.00am Mass at St. James the Great and then 11.30am Mass at St. Conval’s.

2pm Mass St Conval's (Syro-Malabar Rite)

Confession: after each Mass and on request.



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Father, almighty and eternal God, whose praise is sung throughout all creation and whose glory is proclaimed by all peoples. You create us in love and call us to our eternal destiny of loving communion with You. May the parish of St. Conval’s be a place where Your Name is hallowed and Your chosen ones are united in Holy Mass with Your Son in praise and thanksgiving.

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Usually take place after the 11.30am Mass on Sunday.
Parents are requested to make arrangements with the Parish Clergy in good time.
Couples are requested to speak to the Parish Clergy at least six months
before a wedding and before any other arrangements are confirmed.
Families are asked to contact the Parish Clergy before
making any arrangements with a Funeral Director.



Mon 7pm SSVP
Wed 10:30am Legion of Mary
Wed 7pm Prayer Group
First Saturday 10.00am Fatima Prayer group


Hall Activity

All Welcome

Monday - Friday After School Care 3 - 6pm
Monday Youth Group 7- 8:30pm
Tuesday N.A. 7 - 8:30pm
Wednesday Youth Group 7- 8:30pm
Friday Free Breakfast Morning 8.45-10.45
First Sunday of the month Fundraising Coffee Morning After 11:30am Mass
Social Events Throughout The Year


“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

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St. Conval’s as a parish was born in 1949, the first Mass being celebrated on 30th July.

In its infancy the big problem was accommodating the numbers attending Mass. By 1952 five Sunday Masses had become seven for Fr Conway & the “new” Fr Louis Knight!

Records show that eyes were focused on the need for a permanent & bigger building than the £10,000 wooden structure, and active social life revenue supplemented the New Building Fund. Fr Bobby O’Kane replaced a sick Fr Louis Knight in April 1951, and Fr Pat Henry came in August. Fr Ned Molumby succeeded Fr Conway in October 1952, Fr Bill McDonald replacing Fr O’Kane!

Five years & six priests after its birth, April 1954 saw the site blessed & the first sod turned, the foundation stone was laid 29th September & the presbytery occupied 30th November 1954! The new St. Conval’s church was solemnly opened by Archbishop Donald Campbell 11 March 1956.

And so here we are, many years later, enjoying the fruits of the labour of these pioneers! Through their sweat & anxiety & enthusiasm & faith we reap the benefits to this day. Let the memory of these priests & parishioners never be forgotten within our beautiful church.


A life to imitate


St. Conval seems to have done so much work and so rapidly that no-one could keep up with him, far less put pen to paper regarding his life or mission.  So the following is hardly “Facebook”! He had social “position”, with his Irish father ruling a “Kingdom”.  Conval left this heritage behind and came to Scotland as a missionary, “up the watter”, landing around Inchinnan.  In the tribal “bishoprics” of the time Conval’s leadership was in the area south of the River Clyde.  Tribal rivalries had undone some of Ninian’s earlier great work.  So Conval became a man with a mission! He became a priest, and eventually an “Archdeacon” (Dean / Canon?) under his mentor, Kentigern. 

St. Kentigern’s tactic was to use Glasgow as HQ and spread the Gospel to the neighbouring regions. Conval had firstly to negotiate with local tribal chiefs & face fierce opposition from the Druids. The reward of his heroic zeal was the building of a church on the Druid mound at Rutherglen! His missionary itinerary took him along the south of the Clyde to Pollokshaws & Eastwood, where there is still a Catholic burial ground, although all trace of the original church has disappeared. Conval befriended & enlisted support for his mission from fellow Irishman, King Aidan of Dalriada. He founded a monastery in Inchinnan near his “landing rock” where he was buried, circa 600 AD. A place of pre-Reformation pilgrimage, it’s here that many miracles are attributed to St. Conval.

Sadly, the destruction that accompanied the Reformation means that records of Conval no longer exist. Archaeology rather than script is, therefore, our only hope of data retrieval on such a great saint. But memory housed in tradition cannot be erased as easily as paper files or even solid buildings. Conval’s journeying from the Shaws to Renfrew & Inchinnan must have been by way of Pollok. So it’s not too fanciful to picture him traversing the very hill on which his named church is built! Will this help us in prayer to identify with a real person, a real saint?  


Contact Us

21 Hapland Rd, Glasgow G53 5NT, UK

0141 882 5265/4927

St. Conval's is a parish of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, a Designated Charity No. SCO18140

0141 882 5265/4927

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